Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Offroad Specifications Strengths and Weaknesses

Suzuki Jimny 4×4 Offroad Specifications Strengths and Weaknesses

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Suzuki Jimny 4×4 Offroad Specifications Strengths and Weaknesses – Of course, Offroad lovers are already familiar with Suzuki Jimny cars (code SJ410), cars equipped with 4×4 drive systems first came out in 1982, previously were Jimny Kotrik LJ80V code (Jimny Jangkrik) which came out from 1977 to 1981.

Suzuki Jimny SJ410 or just call this 4×4 Offroad 4×4 is the second generation of the Suzuki Jimny that uses a 1000 cc engine with a 4×4 drive system, this car came out until 2007 and stopped production.

The SJ410 variant is very much starting from Jimny trepes, Jimny Siera, Jimmy Samurai, to Jimny Katana which was very popular in the 90s. Of the many SJ410 Suzuki Jimny Katana variants that came out the longest, starting from 1986 to 2007 (around 20 years), while 1982 to 1986 came out very many variants but did not last long (only 4 years) even though the best Jimny quality was these years (1982-1986) for using a 4×4 drive system.

The SJ410 variant that came out from 1987 to 2007, known as Jimny Katana, mostly uses a 2-wheel drive system (rear only), only a few of them use 4-wheel drive (some are 4×4 around 1987 to 1992), then we will focus on Suzuki Jimny Offroad 4×4

The SJ410 Offroad variant

Suzuki Jimny variants are pretty much like Jimmy Trepes (canned body with smaller cabin volume but high ground clearance) 1000 cc engine, Jimny Siera with canvas cabin using a 1000 cc 4×4 engine, 1300 cc engine Jimny Samurai 4×4 drive (but this car is quite rare because it is actually for the American market).

The most populous is the Jimny Trepes, the car that is excellent for this offroad is quite cheap when compared to Jimmy Siera and Jimmy Samurai. If jimny trepes second the cheapest price is 40 million rupiahs, jimny siera is around 65 million and jimny samurai is around 90 million. For the engine actually the same, but the problem of taste and scarcity of products makes the one variant more expensive than other variants.

Interior and Interior Design

Even though the old car will be, the Suzuki Jimny design never seems outdated, it always looks attractive when compared with even new cars. The material for building the body on Suzuki Jimny is very good when compared to today’s cars because the plates are used from quality materials so that it is not easy to rust and has a good thickness (not thin like today’s cars).

With the engine placed in front of the driver’s protection when driving, while the spare tire is placed outside the cabin (placed against the outside of the rear door that adds to the dashing of this car). This SJ410 Suzuki Jimny has only 3 doors, 2 on the front and 1 on the back of the car, the advantages of the Jimny rear door are very scattered, so it’s easy to enter large-sized items.

The car cabin includes a large volume when compared to the dimensions of this car, even the Suzuki Jimny can be loaded by 6 adult passengers. Inside the cabin, there are 6 seats where the two seats in the front row face the front, while the 4 seats are in the rear row face to face (two facing right and 2 facing left), this car already has an air conditioning system and audio system.

Do not expect Suzuki Jimny to have a power window like a car today because to open and close the windshield must be done manually (rotated by hand), while the open and close system on the rear glass can only be shifted slightly so that there is space between the glass and the car body so air can enter the cabin.

For the maximum load that can be transported this car is 350 kg according to Suzuki sources (if more so the consequences also do not know), so automotive lovers also have to calculate how many people will be increased and what the load of goods ūüôā oh yes for standard ground clearance this car is 22.5 cm (not bad) if you want to enlarge the ground clearance, automotive lovers must modify it especially the wheels and suspension systems.

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Engine Specifications and Drive Systems

Suzuki Jimny uses a machine coded F10A with SOHC, has 8 valves and 4 cylinders in line. Suzuki Jimny 4×4 has a maximum engine power of 52 HP (horsepower) at engine speed of 3500 Rpm which is quite small indeed, but according to Jimny lovers because the gear ratio is jimny even though it is small but capable of passing roads with very heavy terrain ( the risk is that the maximum speed of Jimny is only able to reach 109 km/hr). Jimny Suzuki Torque is 7.5 Kgm / 3500 Rpm.

This Jimny car drive system uses a front and rear 4-wheel drive with 2 axles that distribute engine mechanic power to the front and rear, for Suzuki Jimny’s transmission system still uses a 4-speed manual transmission (suitable for offroad). The fuel supply system uses a carburetor with the fuel used is gasoline (premium)

Strengths and weaknesses
  • Advantages of Suzuki Jimny
  • ¬†Good design
  • ¬†Ability to pass a good incline
  • ¬†Good body material
  • ¬†Lots of fans
  • ¬†Save fuel
  • The selling price included is very good, the cheapest is still 4000 USD even the good one can be above 10.000 USD

Shortage of Suzuki Jimny

  • Spare parts that have begun to scarce
  • Acceleration and speed including less
  • The Suspension tends to be hard

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