Test Drive Kawasaki KLX 150L

Kawasaki KLX 150L Test Drive on Mount Bromo

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Kawasaki KLX 150L Test Drive on Mount Bromo – The KLX 150L Kawasaki offers a different driving sensation for those who like an adventure with the concept of Aggressive Styling. Actually, this motorbike is a renewal of the motorbike that first glided, namely Kawasaki KLX 150s. And as a new model, this trail offers various advantages compared to the previous version. So what are the advantages?

Stylish Design

This trail carries a stylish and futurist design. The design of the headlamps adopts the KLX 150S which is pointed with a halogen so that it can produce focused and sharp lighting. Then this trail uses a 2-tone type colored seat that is thicker and also more comfortable. Then this motorbike looks more aggressive with the engine ventilation holes adopted from the KX Race motorbike engine.

Larger Size Tires

The KLX 150L uses tires with a size of 2.75-21 45p for the front & 4.10-18 59p for the rear tires with wheels measuring 21 inches on the front and 18 inches on the rear. This is much bigger than the KLX 150s which only use 70/100 – 19 front tires & 90/100 -16 rear tires with alloy wheels measuring 19 inches in front and 16 inches behind. The choice of a larger tire is intended so that the driver can more easily pass obstacles when driving on urban roads and offroad roads.

Larger Body Size But Still Light

The KLX 150L carries a body shape with a length of 2080 mm, a width of 770 mm and a height of 1145. This can be said to be bigger than the previous version which has a 1975 mm length, 719 mm wide and 1090 mm high. With changes in size, of course, many parts are replaced on this trail bike. Among the changed parts include the Swing Arm which is longer & the Shock breaker is higher.

Although the size is bigger, this trail is still relatively light to drive. This is because the frame used to build this motor uses a type of perimeter frame made from lightweight steel that is of high quality, with a high degree of flexibility. In addition, this motorbike has also been equipped with a sturdy 33 mm telescopic front suspension and a rear suspension that can be adjusted to 5 settings. As a result, the driver can still maneuver well with a motor that weighs 115 kg.

EURO3 emissions

This motorbike still uses a machine similar to the previous version of one cylinder with a capacity of 150 cc, SOHC, 5 speed, using the Keihin NCV24 carburetor which is capable of producing power up to 8.6 kW / 8000 rpm and maximum torque up to 12 Nm / 6500 rpm. But what distinguishes it is the emissions produced by this trail have passed the euro3 emission test.

The key to the success of the passing of the emissions test lies in the innovations that have been made on the KLX 150L motorcycle exhaust. The muffler has been equipped with a new Catalytic Converter model that is able to filter the resulting emissions to be cleaner and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the exhaust with Catalytic Converter is able to make the sound of the engine that is released becomes more refined and characterized. So it’s not surprising, if the motorbike that still uses this carburetor fuel technology, can pass the EURO3 emission test. Trail with a 7-liter fuel capacity has a fuel consumption level of 2.9 liters / 100 km.

Stylish Analog Instruments

Equipped with a stylish model instrument that displays information on the main light indicator, turn signal, gear indicator, odometer, and speedometer.

Large Size Disc Brakes

One of the effects of using tires with large sizes is large disc brakes. The KLX 150L uses a 2 mm piston size 2-brake disc brake on the front and 1 caliber disc brake 190 mm. With a larger size can be ascertained if the trail security sector is more guaranteed than the previous version.

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Specifications of the KLX 150L Kawasaki:


  • 4-step machine, SOHC
  • Maximum torque up to 12 Nm / 6500 rpm
  • The carburetor used is Keihin CV24
  • X Diameter of Step: 58.0 x 54.4 mm
  • One cylinder with a volume of 144 cc
  • Ignition System DC-CDI
  • The Cooling system uses air cooling
  • Compression Comparison: 9.5: 1
  • Amount of transmission 6 speed, return


  • The front suspension uses a Telescopic fork while the rear suspension uses the Union Track Swingarm
  • Front tires have a size of 2.75-21 45p
  • Rear tires measuring 4.10-18 59p
  • Length x Width x Height: 2080 x 770 x 1145 mm
  • Wheel Axle Distance is 1340 mm
  • Motor weight is 115 kg


  • The overall length is 2080 mm.
  • Its width reaches around 770 mm.
  • Height up to 1145 mm.
  • The height of the seated position it has is 875 mm.
  • The capacity for the fuel tank reaches 7 liters.
  • The lowest distance of the engine is 300 mm.
Test Drive on Mount Bromo


Great … it does not vibrate, loosen or lose control when passing on red soil, grassy patches or tree roots.
Comfort Handling is caused by several factors

  1. Superior suspension for the 150 cc class
  2. Monopod brakes are qualified
  3. Flexible chassis when removing power or absorbing pressure
  4. The treadmill is very gripping (even though you know how long it lasts)

Crossing dirt and grassy tracks, at speeds of 50-60 km/hr, side forces, are considered minimal and easily corrected.
Jumping over the roots of the trees that cross sloping and irregular, and the stretch of sea sand KLX 150 L remains calm and knows what to do. There are no giddiness symptoms.

High posture makes us get better visibility for the road conditions ahead. I can decide earlier on the path to be used. Even if suddenly blocked by a street hole, we are confident enough to deal with it.



  1. With friendly prices, you get a good suspension, wheels, chassis, brakes for the class.
  2. Conquering unexpected road conditions in Jakarta. Floods, street holes, sleeping police, let’s come here …
  3. Really efficient, just once filled, I can get an average of 1 liter for 42 km (Shell Vpower)


  1. Power and energy. If you are going to use it for daily or off-road it should be upgraded. Some of the colleagues who have commented suggest replacing canvas and per clutch with Tiger, replace carburetor, plus rear sprocket, etc.
  2. In my opinion, exhausts that have used catalytic converters also play a role in circumcising power, needing to hunt aftermarket exhaust research results. Don’t chase noisy voices bro … not in the era …
  3. If you weigh more than 80 kg, you should lose weight or change to KLX or all KX 250. This slim motor is also for those who are slim.

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