How to maintain old motorcycles

How to Maintain Old Motorcycles

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How to maintain old motorcycles – The transmission, the battery, the tires, and the engine are important parts of the maintenance of your old bike.

If you are passionate about motorcycles and especially motorcycles, you now have the opportunity to know everything you need to prepare your old bike. If you maintain your motorcycle properly, you need to know the most common faults and parts that are usually more easily damaged over time, as well as tips to maintain the aesthetics of your classic bike in perfect conditions.

Most common defects in old motorcycles
  • Transfer: rust is the biggest enemy of conventional bikes. The motorcycle chain is one of the parts that oxidize more easily, which can cause problems for the chain sprocket and crown. The solution is very simple, you must first remove the rust, as we will explain later, then generously grease the chain of your bike and spin the wheel from time to time.
  • The battery: the engine battery is one of the most affected parts, both for new motorcycles and old motorcycles. In the latter case, if the battery is very old or if the problems with this part are long, it is better to look for spare parts of classic motorcycles in specialized stores or demolition sites. If you want to keep this part, you can buy a device called battery manager and charge it from time to time, so that it does not discharge completely, which could cause irreparable damage to the part.
  • Tires: If you keep your old engine off for a long time, it is best to remove the wheels and place them on a donkey. This is the best way to prevent the wheels from deforming over time. Check that the tires are not outdated as they may crack or lose quality over time.
  • Engine: Bow thrusters must operate at a certain frequency, otherwise they may be damaged and affect engine operation. If your classic motorcycle has stopped for a long time, lubricate the cylinder and piston before starting it.

How to maintain old motorcycles

Take care of your used motorcycle

The maintenance of your classic bike depends on the condition in which you buy it and even its age.

There are motorcycles to repair that you will have to bring directly to your workshop or specialized workshops in this type of vehicle because they know better the necessary parts.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most important problems of old bikes is rust in chrome parts. To clean a piece of chrome, you need very simple materials, such as at home: baking soda, metal cleaners, scouring pad, ceramic cleaner, paper towels, and gloves. You can also do it with vinegar.

The results are very good, the change is immediately visible and guarantees your old bike looks new.

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Some fundamental aspects but which will avoid more of a headache:

Dust and weather are among the most damaging external elements for the frame of your collective bike. The use of a breathable cover avoids any damage.

Producers of traditional bicycles make their product with metal, which can also rust over time. In this way, there is no air in the tank.

Changing the oil is often the best way to clean the engine indoors, and do not forget to change the filter.

Workshops specialized in the repair and restoration of vintage motorcycles

If your old bike needs more than just maintenance or if you bought a used bike to repair it and you do not master this process, it is best to go to a specialized workshop. Classic car insurance is the best option to anticipate potential accidents.

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