When to change tires

When to Change Tires

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When to Change Tires – When should you change tires?

There are situations of uncertainty in which we can end up with the doubt of having to replace the tires. In the event that we are faced with a flat tire or a flat tire, it is clear that we must replace this tire with a new one. But when should you change your tire if there is no flat tire?
The identification will largely depend on tire wear over its useful life. Wear may come from different regions depending on our driving ability and the vehicle (wear in the middle, on both sides, on one side, diagonally, irregularly, etc.).

Tire change

At the legal level, the tire change is mandatory as long as the draft has a depth of 1.6 millimeters. Circular with a blanket lower than this drawing depth is punishable by law, a lower depth indicates excessive wear and therefore is a punishable offense. This is why an urgent change of tires is necessary for these situations.
To determine when we have less than 1.6 millimeters of depth in our tires, there are several ways to know when it is necessary to replace our tires.

When to change tires

A motto

It is one of the simplest and most effective methods available. If you do not have a meter, you can use a coin. For a summer tire, use 1 euro, when you see the stars on the edge, it’s time to replace them. For winter, use 2 euros, if the edge exceeds the slot, it is because it is worn.

Bear Witnesses

This visual indicator is the most common method if you do not have a meter. Small rubber plugs 1.6 mm thick are used which are embedded in the center of the grooves of the drawing. If the tire reaches this level, it’s time to change it for safety and performance reasons.

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Digital indicator

It is very easy to know when to replace worn tires. It is a digital scale engraved on the tread during wear. As the drawing wears out, the corresponding numbers appear. Brands such as Nokian or Matador use this method.

Depth stop

In every workshop or parts center for your vehicle, you can buy this tool for easy use. Place it between the slots of your tire and it will indicate if you have the minimum level of depth.

The color change

This is a tire prototype designed by Chinese designers that changes color as it wears. It consists of a fluorescent-colored inner rubber that appears with use. Although ingenious, it’s hardly a test.

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